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Reverse logistics, service logistics, integrated repair services, life-cycle management... they're all confusing terms and most people have no idea what they all mean.

Reverse logistics is the process that starts when goods are returned to a store or point of sale for any reason (e.g. fault, failure to perform, end of life, dissatisfaction, trade-in etc).  In contrast to forward logistics, reverse logistics does not follow a straight line process.  Products may go from the store to the retailer's national warehouse, at which point they may be sent to a manufacturer for refund, sent to a repairer, or sent to an e-waste specialist for disposal.

As you can imagine, reverse logistics is an incredibly complex component of the supply chain and involves a high number of related parties.  Care and expertise are essential in this field.

Service Plus are experts in Service Logistics which is a subset of Reverse Logistics.  We specialise in the products that are returned to store for replacement or repair as a result of failure.  We call this "Service Logistics".  This video explains in more detail:


The key roles are:
  • Logging and tracking
  • Communication (with the customer, manufacturer, retailer, insurer and other related paries)
  • Assessment (to confirm the fault or described issue)
  • Repair or Replacement (in some cases refunds are arranged via the retailer)
  • E-Cycling (to dispose of the faulty components or products)

Service Plus simplifies the repair/return arrangements by coordinating the related parties to ensure the best solution for the customer.  We turn the spaghetti of traditional reverse logistics situations into a centralised process with clear documentation.

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We're here to repair your Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac, Macbook | Sony Vaio | Toshiba Satellite, Tecra, Portege | Motion Computing products along with Samsung | HP | Lenovo | Acer | ASUS | Dell | Motorola | Nokia computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

... And we are a preferred service provider for PB Technology, Cyclone Computers, Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, Rev IT, The Warehouse Group, Lexel, and Noel Leeming.

With a focus on excellent customer service and quality repairs, it is easy to see why Service Plus is the authorised repairer for NZ's leading electronics brands.

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