Apple iPod Repair Exchange Pricing

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As an Apple Authorised Service Provider, Service Plus provides the best solution for your out-of-warranty iPod service.

iPods are not suitable to be disassembled and repaired (in fact Apple doesn't allow service providers to do so).  Instead, we supply an exchange iPod to replace your damaged or faulty one.  There are two options for exchange:
  • - Battery Exchange, where the fault is only related to the battery in the iPod; OR
  • - Service Exchange, which is for all other faults and damage

IMPORTANT: These exchange iPods are not available where the original iPod has been repaired by an un-authorised repairer.  We strongly recommend that you only have your Apple product serviced by an Apple Authorised Service Provider.

There are several other terms relating to exchange iPods, so please read the notes below the pricelist for more detail.  

To arrange this service, please Log a Repair and get your unit to us.
          Retail Pricing   Retail Pricing
Model Generation   Year   Repair/Exchange   Battery Replacement 
          Sell (+GST) Sell (incl)    Sell (+GST) Sell (incl) 
Classic Late 2009 SVC,IPOD CLASSIC 160GB,SLVR-ITP Late 2009   $460.00 $529.00   $242.61 $279.00
Shuffle 4th Gen SVC,IPOD SHUFFLE (4GEN), -ITP 2012/2015   $129.57 $149.00   $129.57 $149.00
Nano 7th Gen SVC,IPOD NANO(7TH GEN),CI,-ITP NA   $173.04 $199.00   $120.87 $139.00
Touch 5th Gen SVC,IPOD TOUCH(5TH GEN),CI NA   $225.22 $259.00   $146.96 $169.00
Touch 6th Gen iPod touch (6th Gen), - CI,   NA   $225.22 $259.00   $146.96 $169.00
Touch 7th Gen iPod touch (7th gen), CI/AR-ITP 2019   $225.22 $259.00   $146.96 $169.00
    Updated 31 Apr 19            


It is essential to turn off Find My iPod before we service your iPod. This article has details on how to turn it off.

In the event of catastrophic damage (e.g. the iPod is run over), the exchange pricing may not be available.
Replacements are like for like unless Apple supply a substitute.
Replacements carry a 90 day parts & labour warranty, or balance of original warranty, whichever is greater.

You cannot change storage size, colour or exchange for a newer generation.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Battery Exchange only applies for units with faulty batteries (ie: short/no battery life) - NOT DAMAGED UNITS.

The replacement iPod is a service unit which has been assembled using the same manufacturing process as a new unit, with new parts and parts that have been tested to be equivalent to new in reliability and performance.  The assembled units look cosmetically new.


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