Five Points To Consider Before Attempting A DIY Computer Fix

28 June 2019

When experiencing a problem with your computer, it’s tempting to try to solve it yourself. Troubleshooting is ok for some problems, such as those that just require a setting change. However, for more severe issues such as hardware problems (or those caused by a factor unknown to you), professional help is recommended.

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Computer & Laptop Insurance: What You May Not Be Covered For

25 June 2019

It is vital to check your insurance contract to understand what your computer and, more importantly, laptop is covered for. Knowing the cover exclusions will help you take extra precautions and prevent being caught off guard by a denied claim due to a specific safety clause. You can also opt to increase/adapt cover to better suit your needs.

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Why You Should Get Your Computer Serviced Regularly

31 May 2019

Most people only take their computers into a repair store when there is a problem. However, there are several benefits to be gained by regular computer maintenance. If your income is directly tied to the use of your computer, servicing it from time to time will save you money and prevent the loss of earnings that could occur if it crashes.

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Insurance: Your Apple Device May Not Be Covered For Unauthorised Repairs

24 May 2019

If your iPhone, iPod, Macbook or any other Apple device is insured, don’t assume that it’s covered for all repairs. Depending on your insurance service provider, the terms of your policy may specify that only service and repairs done by an Apple authorised service provider are covered.

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What To Do To Avoid Requiring A MacBook Fix

17 May 2019

Your laptop is precious to you. It’s where you store your most intimate documents, create content for work and school and keep in touch with others. If anything happened to it you’d be inconvenienced – even if you backed all your data up. Accidents do happen, and even the most well looked after Mac will eventually need a little TLC.

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Toshiba Not Turning On? Here's What To Do Before Seeking Out A Data Recovery Service

13 May 2019

There’s no feeling worse than sitting down in front of your laptop and discovering that it won’t turn on. What could have caused it and more importantly, how can you get it on again? Hopefully, you’ll have backed up all your data onto a hard drive, but realistically speaking many of us forget to do this as often as we should do.

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iPhones Fixes You Can DIY – And When You Should Seek Apple Repair Services

10 May 2019

Digital devices such as mobile phones and laptops have revolutionised the way we live, work and communicate to the extent that we often can’t do without them. And yet, like all sophisticated devices, they’re subject to breakdowns and damage.

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Is It More Cost Effective To Repair Or Replace Your Broken MacBook Screen?

03 May 2019

One of the most frustrating problems a person can experience is a broken laptop – and if you’ve ever dealt with a broken LCD screen you’ll know that it can render your MacBook virtually useless.

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Are Computer Repair Books Really That Helpful?

27th February 2019

Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock (or lives in a somewhat westernised part of the world) knows that digital devices and DIY projects are modern staples. But what happens when these prominent trends converge? It’s easy to buy a computer repair book on the net or even to watch a DIY video online to help you figure out how to do some repair work to your Toshiba computer or other devices.

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Getting Your MacBook Insured! Is It A Great Idea?

15th February 2019

If a fire broke out in your home and all your family members managed to make it out, what would be the top 5 material things that you would save? We’ll take a guess and say that in modern-day Auckland, some popular answers may include wallets, photographs, mobile phones, laptops and more. These items have become integral parts of our daily lives, so it only makes sense that we take the necessary measures to protect them.

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How To Avoid Expensive MacBook Repairs

25th January 2019

You take good care of your MacBook as you understand how costly damage to it can be. But sometimes as careful as you may be, accidents still happen.

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Keeping Your MacBook Protected

18th January 2019

Your MacBook is your assistant, entertainer and diary in one – so you don’t want to be without it for even a second. Protecting it will require a three-fold approach.

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Why Laptop Insurance Is A Lifesaver For Students

17th December 2018

Being a student is a bitter-sweet time in your life. You’re gaining you independence, growing up and maturing, but you also have more responsibility and are more broke than you’ve ever been before.

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Commendable Features of A 27’’ iMac

10th December 2018

It’s time you stopped playing around and got a serious desktop computer. While you’re looking around, you’ll see plenty of options to choose from, but there’s a reason while you’ll find the 27’’ iMac from Apple recommended more often than others.

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A Leading Smartphone Repair Service For You

29th November 2018

Most people navigate their lives with at least one device in the palm of their hands and another perched on a desk somewhere. Smartphones and laptops are essential to keeping up with the hustle and bustle of modern life and remaining entertained and connected.

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3 Things That Make Us A Faster Alternative To DIY Laptop Screen Repair

22nd November 2018

We all have at least one thing we’re good at, but sometimes we like to try something outside our comfort zones. From home decor to technological repairs, more people around New Zealand are opting for DIY solutions.

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Acer: A Dynamic Machine Meant For Diverse Uses and Jobs

30th October 2018

Acer’s laptops continue to surprise and impress. Underrated by some, Acer machines are some of the best quality laptops on the market as they offer a variety of uses and can be perfect for a wide array of jobs.

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Hang on! Don’t Trust Some Amateur With Your Expensive Apple Device Repair

24th October 2018

So you’ve had your iPhone or MacBook for a while and it’s been great. Premium hardware coupled with the latest in mobile software is reason enough for any modern person to to want to own a product from this brand.

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17th October 2018

You’re in the middle of typing an important document or on a critical Skype call when your computer suddenly crashes or switches off. It’s not responding to your usual prompts, and you have no idea how to recover your previous work or get it to come on again

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10th October 2018

At times, laptops give no warning before they stop working. In other instances, they do, but we fail to notice them. One of the most common reasons laptops die is overheating. An obvious sign of overheating that many people fail to notice or ignore is when your laptop’s fan starts making a lot of noise, and the underside of the machine is very hot.  Many assume that both of these things are a normal result of use, when in fact they’re warning signs of impending damage.

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